Timothy Bryant - A Few Words and a Song

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Just A Song Before I Go

It's getting GREAT reviews and is quickly becoming a MUST READ!

     Makia, a single mother living at a housing project located on the Southside of Chicago, is given community service to be spent at a predominately white, upper class, nursing home community across town. And though willing to accept her sentence, she is not comfortable due to preconceived beliefs and stereotypes of both its environment as well as its residents.

  After beginning her stint, she eventually befriends Joseph Scallettio; a retired composer and musician who is known throughout the nursing home of quietly staying to himself.

    By way of their visits and his stories, Joseph travels Makia back to a time when he performed in Chicago’s Big Band club scenes of the late 1930s. However, it is also through the sharing of these tales that Makia uncovers his deep-seated love for Paulette–a lost love during that time for which he had never gotten over.

     Many are considering this a 'Nicholas Sparks-ish' type-of-read, and feel that it should be a must read for both young and old.

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That Most Precious Gift

A pleasent little read with a lot of punch!

'That Most Precious Gift' is a short story of romance - taking place in Medival Times. However... the relationship and character has a bit of a contemporary feel.


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